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About us

Established in 2018, bixdo adheres to evidence-based medicine and is committed to becoming a globally trusted and recommended leading brand in oral care by dentists. Bixdo provides consumers with high-quality oral care products, maintains a co-creation approach with medical research, and actively collaborates with hospitals and medical institutions in the field of dentistry. We has owned GCP clinical certification and our research has been published on SCI Journal.

The founding research and development team of bixdo comprises members from top global oral care brands such as Philips, Midea, and Panasonic, with core members boasting 20 years of professional experience. The design team members have won multiple domestic and international design awards, consistently adhering to innovative research and development. Bixdo owns over two hundred patents and holds more than ten groundbreaking proprietary technologies. Through safe and effective professional oral care solutions, bixdo continuously meets the personalized needs of consumers.

Brand Mission

Provide high-quality oral care products to consumers worldwide.

Brand Vision

To become a leading brand in oral beauty care that adheres to evidence-based medicine.